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Rude Nora 4
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Little Monkey has been designing and manufacturing caving lights since 1995, introducing the first commercially available white LED caving light solutions in 1997. We manufactured our original aluminium lamps in 2008, with our now established Rude Nora and Filthy Edna lamps following soon after. read more 


We also manufacture the widely acclaimed CustomDUO modules

(new)   Nora 'switch mode' USB-C chargers  (Nora / Edna 2)


See Lamp Accessories


7.4v version also available for charging Scurion batteries

For those of you of a technical persuasion. Custom designed Nora 4 (nor4) light engine, care of our gifted electronics bod. Featuring pair of advanced 'dual range' LED drivers providing enhanced fine current control over the wide range of outputs demanded by highest specification caving light. Stable light output, equally as effective at both high and very low outputs.

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