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Edna 2 Operation  

Edna 2 has a single main LED plus low power side LED. The main high power LED (with forward bias wide angle flood optic) offers 4 power settings well suited to caving. Edna also has a separate side LED (white smd LED) for maximum run time. Edna features battery charge level indication (white smd LED blinks 1-5 times when exiting moon mode, visible without removing helmet). See operation chart.




Edna 2 is operated by a sealed switch on the top rear of the lamp body. The easy push switch can be operated in two distinct ways, <short push> or <long push> (push and hold). 


The four available main LED light settings are in a continuous forward loop, 1 to 4, and off. Each of the settings can be selected in turn, by pressing the switch <short push>


The four main Edna light settings are (based on single 3500 mAh battery pack);


  1. low    (70 lumen, 30 hours) ... smaller cave passages
  2. med   (170 lumen, 10 hours) ... general progression around cave
  3. high   (320 lumen, 5 hours) ... progression in large passages
  4. max   (1000 lumen, 1 hour) ... having a good look around !!


In order to avoid cycling through subsequent light settings, Edna 2 can be turned off from any setting with a long switch press <long push>. When lamp is off, there is effectively zero drain on battery. A <long push> from off provides camp setting (5 lumen, 200+ hours).

For full information on operation, fitting and proper use, see latest Edna 2 operation guide below.


Edna 2 Operation Guide FE2.1.1 (Pdf)

With 30 hours light on low setting and 10 hours on medium, very long undergound trips should be a breeze for Edna 2. However if you are on an bivvy or camp then we have robust water tight containers useful for transporting replacement batteries underground.


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