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Edna Batteries   

The Edna battery box uses a simple 1S1P (3.7v) 18650 li-ion battery pack, with protection circuitry incorporated, and silicone leads. This is a widely available standard format, or can be easily constructed. 


Knowing some fundamentals about li-ion batteries (important) will help you get the best from these. 

The Edna battery box will also accommodate individual 18650 batteries (typically available up to 3.5Ah), using an Edna battery holder. Source your own batteries.


Edna battery holders are available for both unprotected (button top) and protected 18650 batteries.


Always take appropriate care when using individual 18650 Li-ion batteries.

Edna battery packs and battery holders are connected in the battery box with RC connector. 


Care should be exercised with this connector as it could of course be damaged by careless handling. 

Edna battery packs and battery holders should be loaded with red / black silicone battery holder leads visible at top of box, and with the RC connector to the side of the battery. 

Our Nora 'monkey tail' chargers can be used to charge 3.7v li-ion Edna battery packs, and indivdual batteries using the battery holder as a charging cradle!


The Nora chargers are available in three convenient formats, micro USB, USB A or USB C.