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Filthy Edna 2  

Edna 2 Accessories  

18650 Battery Holder  (Edna 2) 


Spare / replacement battery holder for single 18650 li-ion cell. Suitable for Edna 2 single cell battery box. Will accommodate 1x unprotected flat top cell (65mm x 18.5mm dia.). Works well with both Panasonic 3350mAh and LG 3500mAh cells. Protection circuitry is incorporated on the holder. Holder is not suitable for use with protected cells which are typically longer. Cells can be directly charged in holder with Nora micro USB charger, or removed for charging in proprieary  li-ion charger, such as the nitecore i2. battery not included.


Nora Micro USB Charger

Nora Li-ion micro USB charger  

Our go to 5v input micro USB charger with indicator LEDs. Suitable for direct charging of 18650 battery in Edna 2 battery holder, as well as 3.7v li-ion battery packs. Charger can be connected directly to your mains phone charger, tablet, lap top, or a 12v car cigar - 5v USB adapter. Uses a dedicated li-ion charge IC to ensure correct charging regime is applied. For optimum charging use a high quality micro USB cable, as short as possible, with a USB power supply of at least 1A output. 


Nitecore i2 smart battery charger  


Good quality smart charger, suitable for most batteries including individual 18650 li-ion cells as used in Edna 2 battery holder. UK mains version. Limited stock. 



Nitecore i2 Smart Charger (UK only)

Edna Lamps

Filthy Edna Lamp Set   

Edna 2 caving lamp featuring alloy battery box with 18650 battery holder, plus alloy helmet bracket and lamp fixings. Light weight, amazing value high end caving light. IPX68 5m rated for wet caving and shallow free dives. Featuring latest Cree XP-L2 5000k neutral white LED. Uses standard individual 18650 battery (un-protected). Batteries can be readily swapped on long trips. 18650 battery not included (unless otherwise stated). Attach battery box to helmet using zip ties / shock cord etc (not included).




Filthy Edna Lamp only (battery box not included !!)   

Edna 2 caving lamp including alloy helmet bracket and lamp fixings. Supplied without battery box, for your own innovative solutions using 3.7v li-ion cells or battery packs. Examples could include
original Petzl Zoom box or Petzl Duo box (stripped out can accomodate 2 x 18650 cells wired in parallel). For 3.7v li-ion battery arrangements. Not suitable for higher voltage series wired li-ion cell packs. Observe polarity.   





Edna 2 Lamp set
Edna 2 Lamp
Edna 2 battery holder

Shock Cord 4mm   


Shock cord 4mm black. Suitable for fixing Edna or Nora battery boxes to helmet.


£1.50 per metre

Shock cord - battery box fixing

Filthy Edna Lamp Set, plus LG 18650 and mico USB charger    

Edna 2 caving lamp set (as above), plus latest high quality LG 3500mAh li-ion battery and compatible Nora micro USB charger.  


£227 - £239 


Edna 2 Lamp set (plus battery / charger)