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Nora Micro USB Charger

Nora Li-ion micro USB charger  (Edna 2 / Nora 3 / Nora 2 / Nora 1)

5v input micro USB charger with indicator LEDs. Suitable for 3.7v Nora li-ion battery packs. Can be connected directly to mains adapter, phone charger, tablet, lap top, or a 12v car cigar - 5v USB adapter. Uses a dedicated li-ion charge IC to ensure correct charging regime is applied. For optimum charging use a high quality micro USB cable, as short as possible, with a USB power supply of at least 1A output. more info

£12 - £15

'Don't Panic' lid-light (Nora 2 / Nora 3)

Low cost, low power warm LED light that can be kept in lid of Nora 2 battery box (and Nora 3). Handy for demonstrating battery packs to airport officials !! 'Don't Panic'. 


Lamp Accessories 

Lamp Accessories (Nora / Edna)

Nora 2 Li-ion mains charger  (Nora 3 / Nora 2 / Nora 1)


UK mains charger, suitable for Nora 3.7v li-ion 2p and 3p battery packs. Standard 3 to 2 pin mains adapter plug required for Euro / US etc.



Nora UK Mains Charger

Stainless blade mount lamp bracket   (Nora 3 / Nora 2 / Nora 1 / Edna)


Compatible with all Nora lamps. For Nora 3 and Nora 2 the lamp fixing holes will need to be drilled out to 5.5mm diameter. Old skool !!


Sorry, no longer available  

Battery pack 'Voltage Gizmo'  (Edna 2 / Nora 3 / Nora 2 / Nora 1)


Shows charge condition for 3.7v Nora li-ion battery pack. Full charge approximately 4.2v, or part charge for storage etc.



Nora 2 High CRI LED front Module   (not Nora 2xs)

High CRI 85 Ra Nichia 5000k LED NVSW219B, for photography !!  320 lumen. Wide flood optic to significantly enhance light output. Simple single screw fitting (fit with thermal paste). 5 green battery / programming indicator LEDs.



Nora 2 warm LED front module  (not Nora 2xs)

3000k Warm Cree XP-G2 with 5 green indicator LEDs. Wide flood optic to significantly enhance light output. Simple single screw fitting (fit with thermal paste). 



Nora 2 Warm LED Module
Nora 2 High CRI LED Module

Before purchasing any Little Monkey product please ensure that you have read and accept  Noras terms


Nora AA Battery Holder
Nora 2 Dont Panic Lidlight

Nora 'Expedition' AA battery holder  (Nora 3 / Nora 2)

Suitable for use with 3 off nimh or alkaline batteries, providing good Nora performance. Excellent duration but will not provide full light output on 'high' settings due to lower power density of AA batteries versus li-ion battery packs. Useful option for the serious expedition caver. Quality aluminium based design.




Nora Battery Charge Gizmo