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Rude Nora 2 /3

Nora 2 factory service


Nora 2 / Nora 2xs factory service (UK or International) including return postage. Excluding any repair parts.  


£35 - £45  (contact us for further information)

Rude Nora 1 

Nora 1 factory service

Nora 1 factory service (UK or International) including return postage, excluding repair parts. Includes replacement switch boot. Switch replacement +£10 if required. 


£35 - £45  (contact us for further information)

Nora 1 main LED / control circuit replacement 


Factory replacement of Nora 1 main control circuit and LED, including spot reflector (as per Nora 2). See Nora 1 programmable circuit. You will need to send your lamp to us (at your cost) for this to be fitted. Price includes return postage.


£55 - £65  (contact us for further information)

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