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Nora / Edna Spares    

Nora front window  (Nora 4 / Nora 3 / Edna 2 / Nora 2 / Nora 1)


Replacement Front Window for all Nora lamps. Available plain finish, or etched 'Rude Nora'. Also available, front window O rings (2 pack) and front window screw set.

Nora Front Window

Nora alloy lamp brackets - colours  (Nora 4 / Nora 3 / Edna 2 / Nora 2 / Nora 1)


Colour anodised alloy lamp brackets, available in gunmetal, plain, red, blue, orange, purple and gold.  For Nora 4, Nora 3 and Nora 2, the 2 off lamp fixing holes will need to be drilled out to 5.5mm diameter. Note - slightly longer helmet standoff than standard Nora bracket. 



Nora Lamp Brackets (factory seconds)

Nora battery connectors  (Nora 4 / Nora 3 / Edna 2 / Nora 2 / Nora 1)


Nora battery connectors, 3x male (lamp) or 3x female (battery) on silicone flying leads. Supplied with heat shrink sleeve to suit.



Nora lamp/battery connectors + heat shrink

Cable gland / O Rings / Battery & Lamp Connectors   (Nora / Edna)


Cable gland - battery box (pack of 1). O Rings for Lil' Monkey battery box cable glands (pack of 4). Battery / lamp and charger crimp connectors (pack of 3).


Note - Rude Nora 3 & 4 lamp end cable glands are bonded and should not be disturbed.

Cable gland / Crimp connectors

Nora 1s2p battery pack repair kit  (for repair of two battery packs)


Includes 2 x inner and 2 x outer heatshrink wraps (pre cut to length). 2 x protection circuit PCBs, and 2 x jst connectors with high quality silicone leads. 


Note - Soldering required to connect protection circuit and jst lead.



Nora battery pack repair kit

Nora 3 / Nora 4 Spares 

Nora 3 / Nora 4 lamp fixings 

Nora 3 / Nora 4 lamp fixing set including lamp hex screws, helmet screws, battery box fixing screws, nuts, washers and 3 x allen keys. Lamp hex screws / washers also available separately.


£2 - £5

Nora3/4 Lamp Fixings set

Battery box O rings  

Nora 3 / Nora 4 
battery box O rings. 



Nora 3/4 battery box o rings

Edna 2 Spares 

Edna 2 lamps fixings  

Edna 2 lamp fixing set including lamp screws, helmet screws, nuts, washers and 2 x allen keys. 



Edna 2 stainless fixing set

Edna 2 battery box O rings  

Edna 2
battery box O rings. Pack of 5. 



Edna 2 battery box Orings

Nora 2 Spares 

Nora 2 battery box lid

Replacement Nora 2 aluminium battery box lid, with latches, catch plates and o-ring.


£10 - £26

Rude Box 2

Nora 2 O Rings

Battery box O ring, 2 way switch sealing O rings (x2)


Nora 2 O Rings

Nora 2 lamp fixings


Nora 2 (also Nora 3) standard helmet lamp bracket

Lamp bracket helmet fixing screws with lock nuts (3 off)

Lamp bracket screws with spring washer + nylon washers (2 off)

Forward LED module retaining screw

Nora 2 battery box screws and nuts (2 off) Standard length 30mm or long 35mm

Nora 2 Lamp Fixings

Nora 1 Spares 

Nora 1 general spares  


Switch boots (3 pack), momentary push switch (factory fitting recomended), Nora 1 battery box O ring, battery box clasps (stainless 2 pack), lamp to bracket fixing screws and washers (2 off), and lamp bracket to helmet fixing screws and locknuts (3 off).

Rude Nora 1 Spares

Nora 1 battery box lid  (Nora1) 


Replacement aluminium battery box lid for Nora 1 box. Either use catch plates from original lid, or available with latches, catch plates and O ring. 



Rude Box


Silicone grease 


Silicone grease, high viscosity, in nice pot. 15ml. You are very welcome to buy this cheaper, as it's very much a ball ache for us to stock.



Silicone Grease

Nora helmet drills 


2 x drill bits for drilling helmet to attach lamp bracket and battery box. 4.5mm for lamp bracket (Nora 1, 2 and 3), and 3.5mm for battery box screws (Nora 2 and 3).


£1   Out of stock

Lamp cable 


Lamp cable, 2 core 4.8mm diameter, grey. Nora / Edna compatible. 1 metre length.



Lamp Cable

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