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Nora / Edna Spares    

Lamp Spares 

Nora 2 Spares 

Nora front window  (Nora 4 / Nora 3 / Edna 2 / Nora 2 / Nora 1)


Replacement Front Window for all Nora lamps. Available plain finish, or etched 'Rude Nora'. Also available, front window O rings (2 pack) and front window screw set.

Nora Front Window

Nora 2 O Rings

Battery box O ring, 2 way switch sealing O rings (x2)



Nora 2 O Rings

Nora 1 main circuit & spot LED


Nora 1 programmable upgrade circuit. More info. Cree XP-G LED with spot reflector, as per Nora 2. Available for self fitting (electronics skills required). Original switch, XM-L Flood LED and aluminium fascia are all retained. Factory fitting available, see Lamp Service.  Please contact us for availabilty before purchasing this item.



Nora 1 Spares 

Nora 1 Upgrade Circuit Spares
Nora 2 Lamp Fixings

Nora 1 'expedition' AA battery holder  


3 x AA side by side plastic battery holder, suitable for Nora 1 battery box. Essential expedition, or reserve option, as alternative to Nora li-ion battery packs. Easily built yourself from readily available high street components, or available from us.....






Nora 1 general spares  


Switch boots (2 pack), momentary push switch (factory fitting recomended), Nora 1 battery box O ring, battery box clasps (stainless 2 pack), lamp to bracket fixing screws and washers (2 off), and lamp bracket to helmet fixing screws and locknuts (3 off).

Rude Nora 1 Spares

Nora alloy lamp brackets - colours  (Nora 4 / Nora 3 / Edna 2 / Nora 2 / Nora 1)


Colour anodised alloy lamp brackets, available in gunmetal, plain, red, blue, orange, purple and gold.  For Nora 4, Nora 3 and Nora 2, the 2 off lamp fixing holes will need to be drilled out to 5.5mm diameter.



Nora 1 3xAA Holder

'Don't Panic' lid-light (Nora 1)

Low power warm LED light that can be kept in lid of Nora 1 battery box. 'Don't Panic'. Nice little night light underground camping.

(Out of stock)


Silicone grease 


Silicone grease, high viscosity, in nice pot. 15ml. You are very welcome to buy this cheaper, as it's very much a ball ache for us to stock.



Silicone Grease

Nora helmet drills 


2 x drill bits for drilling helmet to attach lamp bracket and battery box. 4.5mm for lamp bracket (Nora 1, 2 and 3), and 3.5mm for battery box screws (Nora 2 and 3).



Helmet drill bits

Nora 2 battery box lid

Replacement Nora 2 aluminium battery box lid. Either use catch plates from original lid, or available with latches, catch plates and o-ring.


£18 - £26




Rude Box 2

Nora battery connectors  (Nora 4 / Nora 3 / Edna 2 / Nora 2 / Nora 1)


Nora battery connectors, 3x male (lamp) or 3x female (battery) on silicone flying leads. Supplied with heat shrink sleeve to suit.



Nora 3 standard battery box lid / lid spares 

Lid for Nora 3 battery box, including 2 x stainless hex screws and O ring. Stainless hex screws and battery box O rings, also available separately. Aluminium upgrade lid available.



Nora 3 Spares 

Nora 3 lamp fixings 

Nora 3 lamp fixing set including lamp hex screws, helmet screws, battery box fixing screws, nuts, washers and 3 x allen keys. Lamp hex screws / washers available separately.


£2 - £5

Nora 2 lamp fixings


Nora 2 (also Nora 3) standard helmet lamp bracket

Lamp bracket helmet fixing screws with lock nuts (3 off)

Lamp bracket screws with spring washer + nylon washers (2 off)

Forward LED module retaining screw

Nora 2 battery box screws and nuts (2 off) Standard length 30mm or long 35mm

Nora lamp/battery connectors + heat shrink
Nora3 Battery Box
Nora3 Lamp Fixings set

Edna battery box lid 

Lid for Edna 2 battery box.



Edna 2 Spares 

Edna 2 lamps fixings  

Edna 2 lamp fixing set including lamp screws, helmet screws, nuts, washers and 2 x allen keys. 



Edna 2 battery box lid
Edna 2 stainless fixing set
Shock cord - battery box fixing

Edna 2 battery box O rings  

Edna 2
battery box O rings. Pack of 5. 



Edna 2 battery box Orings

Shock cord 4mm   


Shock cord 4mm black. Suitable for fixing Edna or Nora battery boxes to helmet.


£1.50 per metre

Lamp cable 


Lamp cable, 2 core 4.8mm diameter, grey. Nora / Edna compatible. 1 metre length.



Lamp Cable

Nora 2 High CRI LED front Module   (not Nora 2xs)

High CRI 85 Ra Nichia 5000k LED NVSW219B, for photography !!  320 lumen. Wide flood optic to significantly enhance light output. Simple single screw fitting (fit with thermal paste). 5 green battery / programming indicator LEDs.



Nora 2 High CRI LED Module

Nora 2 warm LED front module  (not Nora 2xs)

3000k Warm Cree XP-G2 with 5 green indicator LEDs. Wide flood optic to significantly enhance light output. Simple single screw fitting (fit with thermal paste). 



Nora 2 Warm LED Module

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DIY Battery Pack Repair Kit (Li-ion 3.7v 1s2p)  


Basic DIY parts kit for repair of Nora 1s2p 3.7v battery packs. Kit includes simple 6A protection circuit, RC connector on silicone lead, and pre cut heatshrink suitable for double wrapping 2x18650 battery pack. Note - this protection circuit can also be used for Edna 1s1p battery packs


£2     (Delicate electronic item, can be easily damaged. Fitting this in on you !!!)_

18650 battery pack repair kits