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lil' monkey caving lamps

Filthy Edna 2    
Edna 2 caving lamp featuring alloy battery box, alloy helmet bracket and lamp fixings. Wonderfully simple high specification caving lamp
. Uses regular 18650 batteries and / or simple 1s1p li-ion battery packs, with battery weight on back of helmet as best suited for caving. Our budget busting option! The only quality high end caving lamp available at this price point.  


Edna lamp sets from £174  (lamp only £159)  


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Little Monkey Caving Lamps 

Rude Nora 4   

Nora 4 caving lamp with Cree XP-L2 high intensity spot and wide angle XM-L3 flood LEDs. User configurable with Nora remote control programmer. Extremely effective caving lamp. Compact, lightweight, great weight distribution on helmet. Amazing, user friendly CNC alloy battery box accomodating battery options including simple 3.7v 2p li-ion battery packs, and also regular AA batteries. Possibly the highest specification and quality caving lamp available. Relatively low cost, all things considered !!    


Nora lamp sets from £319  (lamp only £199) 


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Nora Li-ion USB chargers  (Edna 2 / Nora)

USB-A, micro USB and USB-C chargers, with crafty monkey tail ! 

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Black anodised titanium bolts   (Edna 2 / Nora 4)


Pimp your lamp with a pair of lush black anodised titanium bolts with tapered head. A nice little touch for your Nora 4 or Edna 2.  


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Nora 3 alloy CNC battery box lid  (Nora3)

Aluminium alloy CNC replacement lid for Nora 3 battery box. Highly wear resistant upgrade to standard Nora 3 lid. Stainless hex screws and battery box O rings available separately


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Stainless blade mount lamp bracket   (Edna 2 / Nora 4)


Compatible with Edna and Nora 4 (also Nora 2 and 3) lamps.  Old skool !!


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