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Nora 2xs caving lamps

Nora 2xs Lamp Set    
Lamp Sets include latest specification Nora 2xs lamp and battery box, 2 x battery packs, UK mains charger, and helmet fixings. 5500k neutral white or 3000k warm white.




Nora Li-ion micro USB charger 
5v input micro UBS charger with indicator LEDs. Suitable for 3.7v Nora 2 li-ion battery pack (also Nora 1).  Can be connected directly to your mains phone charger, tablet, lap top, or a 12v car cigar - 5v USB adapter. 
Uses a dedicated li-ion charge IC to ensure correct charging regime is applied. For optimum charging use a high quality micro USB cable, as short as possible, with a USB power supply of at least 1A output. more info


Nora 2 'Expedition' AA battery holder 
Suitable for use with 3 off nimh or alkaline batteries, providing reasonable Nora 2 performance. Essential option for any serious expedition caver. 


£16  (currently out of stock)


'Don't Panic' lid-light (Nora 2)
Low cost, low power warm LED light that can be kept in lid of Nora 2 battery box. 'Don't Panic', available soon both seperately, or shipped with Nora 2 Sanyo li--ion battery packs.


Battery Pack Voltage Gizmo  
Handy gadget, will show charge condition for 3.7v Nora li-ion battery pack. Full charge approx. 4.2v or part charge for storage etc. 


£7  (currently out of stock)


Before purchasing any Little Monkey product please ensure that you have read and accept  Noras terms

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Nora 2 Micro USB Charger
Nora 2 Dont Panic Lidlight

Please note, Nora 2 has been discontinued. Nora 3 is in development. We are not currently able to provide any technical information or offer a timeframe for the availability of Nora 3.


For Nora and other discontinued Little Monkey lamp spares or servicing, please contact us.


Nora 2 Battery Box    
Professional helmet fixing battery box, including 5mm x 0.5m industrial cable and helmet fixings. Can accomodate 2 cell 18650 battery packs, not included. 3.7v batttery packs and chargers in stock, available separately, contact us.





Nora 2 Battery Box