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Rude Nora 2


Rude Nora 2

'Plug & play' forward LED module. Simply plug in a low cost upgrade module as and when LEDs improve; or maybe try out a warm white module. Flood LED optically enhanced to provide significantly improved depth of illumination versus bare LED; avoiding inevitable losses of light output within lamp body from a bare LED. Better actual performance than lamps using bare LED at higher output / battery power consumption.


Narrow focused spot beam reflector for far reaching light. Hold switch forward (from any regular caving setting) for high power spot beam. Releasing switch returns to previous setting. Useful for route finding or a brief look around.


5 coloured battery charge level indicator LEDs. Also used to display status when programming power settings and configuring lamp.


Twin action switch (forward / backwards operation). Compact, discrete lever action design reducing the risk of accidental 'switch off' at inconvenient moments, whilst retaining ease of operation. Double O Ring switch seal.


Very wide, very smooth flood LED optic; providing noticable forward punch (versus a bare flood LED), significanlty reduced light loss within lamp body, and eliminating shadows from lamp body / screw heads / spot optic. Also, reduced light pollution in peripheral vision if lamp is mounted too low on helmet, and far less annoying for fellow cavers than the intense light from a small single point exposed LED.


Thick gauge silicone wire leads on battery  cable connections.


Fitted battery pack extends from top of box to facilitate easy removal.


Low voltage AA battery compatible. Nora 2 expedition 3xAA battery holder (available seperately). Essential bit of support kit for the serious caver. 


'Don't Panic' !!!  (available separately)











Thick wall alloy battery box lid. No wafer thin exposed battery box edges, susceptible to damage from abrasion and water ingress. Large section O ring.


Captive battery box lid. Avoid losing lid, and eliminating the need for remedial cabling to attach to box / helmet. Strong stainless spring clasps.


Helmet fixing with two stainless screws; or using cable ties / shock cord etc orientated practically in two external battery box recesses.




(Note - Lamp will function fully, but AA batteries do not have sufficient power density to provide full output on highest settings. These settings will operate at a lower output level achievable by the particular AA batteries used. Operating times will be extended relative to lower power consumed, so arguably beneficial for expediton use, etc).