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Rude Nora 2


Rude Nora 2

Nora 2 is designed to be helmet mounted. Fitting is fairly intuitive. Allen keys and necessary fixings supplied. 

The standard alloy lamp bracket requires 3 holes to be drilled in the front of the helmet (4.5mm). When drilling, take care not to damage cradle etc, on inside of helmet. The lamp bracket can be used as a template. Position of lamp bracket is personal preference, and helmet type dependant. If possible, position lamp high enough to avoid interference with peripheral vision. The central bracket hole is offset and is intended to be orientated above the side holes. Orientate lamp and mark position of lamp bracket central fixing hole, drill helmet, and attach bracket to helmet with nut on the outside. M4 stainless steel allen screws & lock nuts are provided for this. Mark other 2 bracket holes, twist bracket to one side (or remove completely) and drill helmet. When fixing bracket to helmet, nuts should be on the outside. The extending arms of the alloy lamp bracket will need to be adjusted to suit lamp and accommodate curved helmet profile. They can be bent carefully by hand as required. 

Fitting the battery box with 2 off 30mm long  (suitable for average helmet) allen screws and nuts supplied, requires 2 holes drilled in rear of helmet (3.5mm diameter) approximately 49mm apart to suit the battery box mounting holes. Screw heads should be on the inside of the helmet, and nuts on the outside. Battery box should be orientated so that bottom of box is above the helmet rim. Standard battery box screws m3 x 30mm long (longer 35mm screws available seperately if required).
Alternatively, the battery box can be attached with the two releasable cable ties (included) or with suitable shock cord. The battery box has 2 grooves to accommodate this and requires that 4 suitably positioned holes are drilled in helmet. High tack foam tape (supplied) can be used in recess on rear face of battery box if required

The lamp can now be fitted to the lamp bracket, but firstly the cable and lamp can be threaded under the rim of the helmet, behind the cradle inside the helmet and back and out at the front of the helmet.
If you wish to drill 2 holes in helmet (one front and one at back) to thread cable, then the cable can be removed from the battery box by carefully releasing the front portion of the battery box gland (11mm spanners required), and removing the small red connector (in the battery box). The rear section of the gland is bonded in place and should not be disturbed. The red connector can be removed using a tiny pointy thing to release the two pins, and carefully pulling out red / black silicone wires. If removing red plug then take care to reconnect polarity correctly, to avoid potential damage to lamp. Pin 1 is black (negative) and Pin 2 is red (positive). The connector is labeled, but you need good eyesight. 

The lamp is fitted to the bracket with 2 off M5 screws. The M5 stainless spring washers fit between the screw heads and the bracket, the M5 black nylon washer fit between the bracket and the lamp body. Orientate lamp to desired angle and lock up both screws. 

To maintain good water integrity, high viscosity silicone grease can be used on battery box O ring and front window O ring. Front window can be removed with allen key supplied. If necessary, tension of battery box spring clips can be micro adjusted by loosening clasp plates on battery box lid with allen keys supplied. Do not disturb allen screws holding spring clips to battery box, as these are bonded.

Battery and lamp connectors are polarized so correct polarity is ensured. Battery connections should be made outside of the box, and battery pack orientated in battery box, with wires and connectors down inside wall of box (opposite side to cable entry). Battery is best inserted with wires from heat shrunk battery pack positioned to the bottom of the box. Take reasonable care when fitting battery pack that battery and lamp wires do not get trapped / damaged (as it will be your fault, not ours). We suggest using Nora vinyl stickers (supplied) to mark battery pack and charger, in order to avoid any potential mix ups with similar equipments. Take care to avoid damaging battery pack connectors when connecting and disconnecting. 

Battery box even fits a Petzl Elios nicely !!  or so we are told .....

When fitting AA battery holder into battery box, orientate the jst connector at the bottom inside of the box, and carefully push AA holder in on top. Note, it is a tight fit, and do take care to ensure that the metal battery clips on the AA holder do not cause physical damage to the positive and negative lamp wires. You have been warned.  

By necessity helmets have to be modified in order that they can effectively be used for caving or adapted to suit the requirements of a particular task within the caving environment. Invariably holes will need to be drilled in the shell so that lamp brackets or reserve lamps can be fitted. Cavers drill helmets; as they principally use these to mount lamps and protect from light bumps.
If holes are drilled in sensible positions and kept to a minimum they are unlikely to have an adverse effect on the overall strength or protection offered by the helmet shell, but obviously this can't be guaranteed. Drilling holes into a helmet shell technically invalidates its certification as Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and may have an adverse effect on the amount of protection provided by it, so anyone who modifies or uses a modified helmet must be aware of, and fully accept, the potential incurred risks of the modification beforehand and during subsequent use.




The modification of helmets for caving

Nora 2 Fitting Overview


Update -  Nora 2 box can be fitted with Nora 18650 battery holder for 2x unprotected cells. It is however a tight fit, and cable routing in box need to be carefully considered. The red JST connecter needs to be located between the two cells as illustrated. This solution is not recommended for anyone technically challenged !!