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Rude Nora 3-dive

Rude Nora 3-dive

Nora 2xs Battery Box


Our Nora 2xs battery box (as originally used with the Nora 2 lamp) has been retained in our product range, and is available paired with the Nora 3-dive light. Weighing a little more than the new 3-dive box at 120g (around 215g with battery pack) it is still very light on the back of your caving helmet and also balances well with the Nora 3-dive lamp.


The Nora 2xs box features robust caver friendly lid closure clasps, and like the 3-dive box can accommodate a range of batteries, including our non-proprietary 2 cell battery packs, individual 18650 cells (using Nora 3-dive battery holder), and AA batteries. You are certainly not restricted to a single battery option as is typically the case, and which might involve expensive proprietary manufacturer packs. Note, the Nora 3-dive 18650 holder is a close fit in Nora 2 box and requires a little care*.   


Nora 2xs battery boxes have been pressure tested to 7 bar 60m. We are not promoting this as a solution for cave diving! The 2xs box of course offers the necessary robustness and water tightness to protect li-ion batteries from damage, but to maintain depth rating over time we would consider it necessary to regularly inspect and periodically adjust the catch plates in order to maintain optimal closure pressure of the clasps, and with the best will in the world people don't. 


As with the 3-dive box, the 2xs box is constructed from delrin (with alloy lid), typical of diving canister lamps, and benefits from a thick wall section with excellent strength to weight ratio. The Nora 2xs box can be bolted to caving helmet, and / or fixed with cable ties or shock cord dependant on preference, the box having location channels to neatly accommodate the latter.

If using 18650 battery holder it is necessary to carefully orientate red rc connectors at bottom of battery box, beneath the holder. If using 18650 holder with an original Nora 2 lamp set it will probably be necessary to adjust cable within the cable gland on the battery box in order to ensure that the grey sheath of the cable is not visible inside of battery box. This is necessary in order to provide sufficient internal space for battery holder.





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