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Rude Nora 3-dive

Rude Nora 3-dive

Nora 3 Batteries !

Both our latest Nora 3-dive battery box, and the Nora 2xs battery box can accommodate a range of batteries, including non-proprietary battery packs, individual 18650 cells, and just for good measure AA batteries ...... and 14500 cells too! You are certainly not restricted to a single battery option as is typically the case, and which might involve expensive proprietary manufacturer packs.  


Simple to switch between various battery solutions with widely available, using well proven rc connectors, protected within the battery box. 

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Most common 2p side by side 18650 battery packs with decent gauge flying leads and robust rc connector, and of course protection circuitry. Professionally manufactured from high quality industrial cells. Widely available, reliable configuration. No fanciful proprietary arrangements to tie you to Nora cell packs. Easily constructed from regular consumer 18650 cells if you know what you are doing.


Knowing some fundamentals about battery packs will help you get the best from these.

..... or very easy swap to use individual 18650 li-ion batteries, with Nora battery holder.  Uses unprotected flat top cells, the cheapest and most consistently sized available as they've not been rewrapped from original manufacturer form by a monkey, using randomly sized protection circuitry.


A great fit in both the holder and Nora 3-dive box, overcoming issues with flimsy battery contacts built into battery boxes. Holder more readily serviceable and replaceable than a whole lamp !    


Battery holder has on board protection circuitry, for short circuit, over discharge and over charge. Essential and very often overlooked. While this should be incorporated in any lamp / battery box using unprotected cells, it would be difficult to replace if it fails. Don't be confused with very limited software level protection. Note, short circuit protection protect against short in lamp or cable. It does not protect against loading batteries incorrectly into holder.  


Important - Battery polarity as marked on holder must be strictly observed. Failure to do so could cause short circuit and damage to batteries (* see below) 


Battery holder will accommodate 2 x unprotected 18650 batteries, nominally Panasonic 18650b cells or comparable. Typical 65mm x 18.5mm diameter, with some wiggle room.  


Robust battery contacts. Cells arranged in parallel 3.7v (not series 7.4v), so will run happily on just 1 battery if required. This also means that if one battery contact should ever misbehave then lamp will not cut out. Belt and braces !  

Battery holder can be used as a charging vehicle in conjunction with any Nora charger, including our versatile micro USB charger. Snoopy loop optional !! 


... or batteries can of course be removed and placed in any suitable 18650 charger. 



Nora 3x AA alloy battery holder (3 x series cells), well suited to expedition use where taking a sack load of AA batteries might on occasion offer most practical solution, or if you have been mugged of your li-ion batteries by overly officious airport staff (it has happened). Or possibly just as a handy reserve. Holder suitable 1.2v NiMh or 1.5v primary AA cells. 


AAs do not offer the power density of li-ion batteries, and can not support full lamp output, but still offer an effective and useful option. Read more about using AA batteries.



Battery packs and 18650 / AA battery holders extend above top of battery box to facilitate insertion and removal without difficulty, reducing risk of damage. Battery connectors within box. Less prone to failure than external connectors on lamp cable.  


Plenty of room in Nora 3-dive battery box to accommodate packs without losing the plot !


We offer a choice of battery chargers, but it's difficult to look beyond the Nora micro USB charger, that ticks all the boxes and has very much become our go to solution. Can be connected to any suitable phone charger, USB sockets (with suitable USB to micro USB cable), to mains (with mains to USB adapter) or 12v car socket (also with suitable USB adapter).

Uses an excellent charging algorithm to charge both the Nora battery packs or individual 18650 cells via the Nora battery box holder.


.... and yet another type of battery arrangement compatible with Nora 3 (or Nora 2) ....


Nora 14500 alloy battery holder (3 x parallel cells), suitable for 14500 primary Saft cells (x3 at 7800mAh), or rechargeable 14500 li-ion cells such as Sanyo 800mAh (x3 at 2400mAh), offering more potential to run highest settings and achieve extended run times when compared to regular AA cells. We would advice protected 14500 li-ion cells, unless you know your stuff, though Nora 3 will prevent over discharge if using unprotected cells. 


* Batteries should be orientated in two cell 18850 holder with both positive connections at one end, and both negative connections at other, as per markings on holder. If they are connected incorrectly, specifically with the positive of one battery to the negative of the other, then you will create an effective battery short, beyond the scope of the protection circuitry. You should avoid this happening. If however it does, then the likely outcome is that the batteries will rapidly get hot and likely generate some smoke / smell. You will certainly notice your mistake, and you should disconnect the batteries from holder immediately. Chances are that one of the batteries will have been killed by this, unless you have disconnected them very quickly. On the up side, the internal resistance of the dead battery will go high, effectively acting as a fuse, and the short will cease to be an issue !!