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Rude Nora 3


Nora 3-dive Battery Box

Our latest 2 cell battery box, supplied as standard with the Nora 3-dive light. Weighing just 100g (around 195g with battery pack) it is a relative joy on the back of your caving helmet, and balances superbly with the front fixing Nora 3-dive lamp.


Lamp and battery box are individually pressure tested to 14 bar 130m. If you are planning on diving, this is certainly the box for you, but it is of course equally well suited to regular caving, offering the necessary robustness and water tightness to protect li-ion batteries from damage. The Nora 3-dive box features a bolt down lid to ensure consistent, reliable sealing, and can accommodate a range of batteries, including our 6.8Ah non-proprietary battery packs, individual 18650 cells, and AA batteries. You are certainly not restricted to a single battery option as is typically the case, and which might involve expensive proprietary manufacturer packs.  


Constructed from delrin, typical of diving canister lamps, the Nora 3 box benefits from a thick wall section with excellent strength to weight ratio. It has been reported that this type of construction, first introduced to the caving world by the original Nora, offers improved battery performance when diving in cold water environments, as a consequence of  improved insulating properties versus aluminium. We hesitate to comment on the validity of this.  


The versatile Nora 3 box can be bolted to caving helmet, and / or fixed with cable ties or shock cord dependant on preference, the box having location channels to neatly accommodate the latter. Importantly, there are no nasty sticky up bits holding the battery box lid in place, and the O ring is well protected from cave clatch! 







For further battery guidance and charging options, see Nora Batteries