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Rude Nora 3


Rude Nora 3-dive

Rude Nora 3-dive

Rude Nora 3-dive

Nora 3-dive Features 

Configuring the light settings the easy way. No more fiddling with the lamp switch to set up preferred light levels. Just use the remote controller supplied with lamp.


What simpler way of programming your own preferred lamp settings than using the number keys on remote control to select number of light settings required, and up and down / side to side arrows to select the level of spot and flood for each. Function supported by green indicator LED.

Individually pressure tested to 14 bar, 130m (Nora 3-dive box). There is no way you are getting a look at our pressure tester, it's not pretty. We design tested a batch of Nora 3 lamps to 20 bar, and it groaned like a World War 2 submarine (the pressure tester, not the lamps). 


At this point in time we have done nothing more than this. We need to have a good think about what this actually means to customers, and the Little Monkey team also need to get it properly in the water over the coming months to confirm that it performs as we anticipate. See Nora 3 latest news

Smooth, usable caver friendly Spot LED. Not too tight. See manufacturer specification, 

Tina2 Real Spot. Up to 1000 lumen. Useful for route finding or a brief look around.

Flood LED optically enhanced to provide significantly improved depth of illumination versus bare LED.


Avoids losses of light output within lamp body from a bare LED, providing better comparable performance than lamps using bare LED. Reduces glare from a bare emitter annoying the living crap out of others. 



Separate 'moon' LED providing around 2 weeks light probably more, at maximum 8 lumen light output. Great for underground camping or small grovelling passage.


Also used to indicate battery charge level. On exiting moon setting LED with blink 1 to 5 times on the back of your hand. The original Little Monkey system, avoiding removal of helmet to count indicator LEDs.

Piezo switch to operate lamp. Quite probably the way forward for all kinds of diving kit, not least lights. A robust, sealed solution, eliminating dynamic O rings around switches. Low profile, very much in keeping with the compact light weight design of Nora 3-dive. Non magnetic obviously.


The switch responds to a short push to switch between settings, and a long push (push and hold down) to turn off from any setting. If that's too complicated, then lamp can be configured to work from just one length of push ......... for Monkeys !    

Custom designed circuitry with 3 LEDs. Proven Nora 3.7v architecture, not feasible when we manufactured the original 7.4v Little Monkey due to limitations of the LEDs at the time, but with technology advances now very much the obvious approach for caving lights.


Visible circuitry enabling easy access and cost effective replacement if ever necessary. No hidden electronics. No off the shelf drivers or shrink wrapped software.



Versatile choice of batteries. Can use non proprietary 3.7v 2p battery packs, individual 18650 cells and AA batteries. For more information see Nora 3 batteries  

Effective heat sinking! Although less significant than a few years ago, due to step improvements in LED technology, heat sinking and thermal management is still an important aspect of any high output light. The efficiency of LEDs reduces when operating at increased temperature, and also at high output, i.e. they will be less bright per watt of energy used. Even if the battery arrangements used could deliver sufficient power to achieve some of the very high outputs often claimed, it doesn't make this good practice. A well designed lamp will have considered this, and will operate at realistic achievable levels that protect the longevity of the LEDs.   







Lightweight, alloy lamp bracket for solid caving proof fixing to helmet. The proven, no nonsense solution. No headbands, no push bike mounts, and no Go-pro mounts or other solutions that compromise the purpose of Nora 3 as a caving light. Lamp sits nice and close to front profile of helmet, and compact size allows lamp to sit a decent distance above front lip of helmet to avoid light pollution in eye line! Lamp bracket features 'long' cap head bolts into lamp body, tightened using same allen key as battery box lid.