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Rude Nora 3


For full information on operation, programming and lamp configuration, fitting and proper use, see latest Nora 3-dive operation guide below.


Nora 3 Operation Guide RN3.1.2 (Pdf)


(current printed version supplied with lamps, RN3.1)




Nora 3 Operation 

Nora 3 is operated by the fully sealed piezo switch on the top side of the lamp body. In normal operation, the switch can be operated in two distinct ways, <short push> or a <long push> (push and hold). 


The available light settings are in a continuous forward loop, 1 to 4, and off. Each of the settings can be selected in turn, by pressing the switch <short push>


The factory default light settings are;


1.    medium flood  (20 hours) - general progression around cave
2.    maximum spot  (2.5 hours) - route finding in very large passages
3.    medium plus flood & low spot  (10 hours) - progression in larger passages
4.    high spot & high flood  (2 hours) - if you really must !!


In order to avoid cycling through subsequent light settings, Nora 3 can be turned off from any setting with a long switch press <long push>.


Nora 3 can be programmed using infrared remote control. From 1-9 light settings can be specified, and the level of light provided by each setting can be configured by the user.


The spot and flood LEDs can be operated separately or blended together. Each LED can be operated at low, medium, medium plus, high and maximum, offering a choice from 26 possible light combinations.  See Nora 3 Performance for further information. 


Nora 3 has two main LEDs. A focused spot LED and a wide angle flood LED with optic.  In normal operation the lamp has 4 light settings as factory default. Nora 3 also has a separate moon mode LED (white smd LED) for maximum run time, battery charge level indication (white smd LED blinks 1-5 times when exiting moon mode, visible without removing helmet), and auto transport lock. See operation chart.