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Rude Nora 4

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Rude Nora 4 

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Nora 4 Features

Nora 4 is our highest specification caving lamp with versatile battery box options, supporting simple 3.7v Li-ion battery packs


Designed to meet the requirements of hard core cavers pushing gnarly or remote locations, Nora 4 is equally well suited to the sport caver or a great choice for the expedition caver. 

Nora 4 is a compact lamp, ideal for the fastest moving of cavers. This is possible as high power LEDs produce more light and consequently less wasted heat than when we developed our first aluminium bodied lamps in 2008. Consequently, any new design can be far smaller and lighter than would have been feasible when aluminium bodied lamps first emerged. At this time, less efficient LEDs meant that very large lamp housings were essential to dissipate heat.  Things just move on ....... 

Nora 4 has two main LEDs, a high intensity spot LED (but not too narrow of course) for distance, and a flood LED for comfortable underground progression. These LEDs can be operated both together or separately, delivering more light than any well skilled caver should ever really require. 


You can have as many or few light setting as you desire, at whatever levels and in whatever sequence you prefer. Or you could of course just stick with the 4 factory default light levels. 

Custom designed Nora 4 (nor4) light engine, featuring two advanced 'dual range' LED drivers (or 'QUAD' driver if you wish), providing enhanced fine current control over the wide range of outputs demanded by highest specification caving light. Stable light output, equally as effective at both high and very low outputs.


Optimised for single or multiple parallel cell arrangements at nominal 3.7v. Now very much the obvious approach for caving lamp design given recent advances in LED technology.

New to Nora 4, 'hi-intensity' Cree XP-L2 (5700k) with smooth focus spot optic, maximising light throw from compact low profile lamp form, while not being too narrow. Useful for route finding etc.     

Forward metal core mounting, positioning the wide angle flood LED as close as possible behind lamp front window. Featuring new Cree XM-L3 LED 5700k with larger 5mm footprint (from Dec 2021).


'Moon' (or Camp) setting is provided by the flood LED, offering 200+ hours at maximum 5 lumen light output. Great for underground camp or small grovelling passage.

5 green smd indicator LEDs used to display battery charge level, and to facilitate user configuration of lamp settings with Nora remote control programmer. 


On exiting camp setting, main LED with also blink 1 to 5 times on the back of your hand. The original Little Monkey system, avoiding removal of helmet to count battery the indicator LEDs!

Configuring the Nora light settings the easy way!! No more fiddling with the lamp switch to set up preferred light levels. Just use the remote controller supplied with lamp, which we have to say, is wicked. The 5 green indicator LEDs make programming even easier!


To program, use the numerical keys on remote control to select the number of light settings required, and the up and down / side to side arrows to select the level of spot and flood for each. So simple a Monkey could do it .... mostly!

Accessible circuitry enabling relatively simple, cost effective replacement, should this ever be required.


No hidden electronics. What you can see is what you get. No off the shelf drivers with clumsy software, or DIY electronics!

Lil' Monkey alloy lamp body, precision CNC machined in the UK. This is a common platform used on both Edna 2 and Nora 4 caving lights.  


Hard anodised for increased corrosion and wear resistance. $$$ versus regular sulphuric anodising (colour anodising etc), but worth it we feel.

Effective heat sinking! Although less significant than a few years ago, due to step improvements in LED technology, heat sinking and thermal management is still an important aspect of any high output light.


The efficiency of LEDs reduces when operating at both increased temperature and high output. A well designed lamp will have considered this, and will operate at realistic achievable levels that protect the longevity of the LEDs.   

Caver firendly, easy to operate, sealed switch in protected position on back of lamp. Super robust, proven design as used on Edna 2. Low profile, very much in keeping with the compact, lightweight design of Nora 4. Non magnetic obviously. A joy to use, and no need for a travel lock.


The switch responds to a short push to change between settings, and a long push (push and hold down) to turn off from any setting.    

Lightweight alloy lamp bracket for solid caving proof fixing to helmet, with 'long' cap head bolts into lamp body. The proven, no nonsense solution. No headbands, no push bike mounts, and no Go-pro mounts or other solutions that compromise the Nora 4 as a caving light.


Nora sits close to front profile of helmet, and compact size allows lamp to be mounted a decent distance above front lip of helmet to avoid potential light pollution in eye line!

Available with Nora battery box accommodating simple non-proprietary li-ion battery packs.


Batteries are readily interchangeable, for extended underground trips.