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Rude Nora 4

Rude Nora 4 

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Nora 4 Lamp

Nora 4 is our highest specification caving lamp with versatile battery box supporting individual 18650 batteries and simple 3.7v Li-ion battery packs. Designed to meet the requirements of hard core cavers pushing gnarly or remote locations, Nora 4 is equally well suited to the sport caver. The versatile battery options make the Nora 4 a great choice for the expedition caver. 


Nora 4 is an extremely compact lamp, ideal for the fastest moving of cavers. This is possible as high power LEDs produce more light and consequently less wasted heat than when we developed our first aluminium bodied lamps in 2008. Consequently, any new design can be far smaller and lighter than would have been feasible when aluminium bodied lamps first emerged. At this time, less efficient LEDs meant that very large lamp housings were essential to dissipate heat.


It was also necessary (due to the characteristics of the LEDs at the time) to use large, higher voltage battery packs to power such lamps and regulate the output of the LEDs, let alone achieve good run times and decent levels of light output. Our first Little Monkey lamps (pre Nora) had little choice but to operate from higher 7.4v battery arrangements. The original Nora made a significant transition to lower voltage circuitry capable of operating from versatile 3.7v battery arrangements, an approach the majority of light manufacturers are now adopting.


Nora 4 has two main LEDs, a high intensity spot LED (but not too narrow of course) for distance, and a flood LED for comfortable underground progression. These LEDs can be operated both together or separately, delivering more light than any well skilled caver should ever really require. 


Nora 4 is very simple to operate using robust sealed switch. You can have as many or as few light setting as you desire, at whatever levels you prefer, in whatever sequence you prefer. Light settings can be easily set up to your own personal preference, using the Nora remote control, which we have to say, is wicked. The 5 green indicator LEDs now make programming even easier. Or you could of course just stick with the 4 factory default light levels


Nora 4 incorporates an efficient, robust custom light engine, featuring the latest Cree XP-L2 LEDs, based on the original Nora 3.7v architecture, allowing lamp to be powered from a choice of simple light weight battery arrangements.