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Rude Nora 4  

Nora 4 Lamps

Nora 4 lamp only  

Nora 4 caving lamp including alloy helmet bracket, fixings and Nora remote control programmer. 
Supplied without battery box, for your own innovative solutions using li-ion cells or battery packs. For 3.7v li-ion (parallel wired) battery arrangements. Not suitable for higher voltage series wired li-ion cell packs.  See lamp only   







Free UK delivery available  contact us

Import charges may apply to international deliveries

For full information on operation, fitting and proper use, see latest Nora 4 operation guide.

Nora 4 Operation Guide RN4.1.1 (Pdf)

Nora 4 Lamp

Nora 4 lamp with Nora battery box  (including Nora battery packs / charger) 

Nora 4 caving lamp with Nora 4 battery box, alloy helmet bracket, fixings and Nora remote control programmer. Including
 Nora li-ion 1s2p 7000mAh battery pack, and Nora micro USB charger. Additional battery pack available with UK orders, contact us.   


£369  (lamp and battery box  £319)





Free UK delivery available  contact us

Import charges may apply to international deliveries

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Please note - Edna and Nora lamp front windows are no longer etched 'Rude Nora' as standard. Etched windows are available as an optional extra. See Lamp Accessories / Spares 

Nora 4  'Expedition' AA battery holder  (Nora 4 battery box )

Suitable for use with 3 off nimh or alkaline batteries, providing decent lamp performance. Excellent duration, but will not provide full light output on 'high' settings due to lower power density of AA batteries, versus li-ion battery packs. Useful option for the serious expedition caver, or as reserve. 

Nora 4 Lamp set with Nora box (plus battery pack options)