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Rude Nora 4

Rude Nora 4 

Available to buy online from the Lil' Monkey web shop


Nora Battery Box 

The Nora battery box accomodates 2x 18650 unprotected flat top 3.7v li-ion batteries and / or non-proprietary 1S2P 3.7v li-ion battery pack. 


18650 batteries are now widely available to the regular consumer, and Lil' Monkey 18650 packs are simple 3.7v arrangements, so the customer need not be tied to expensive proprietary lamp manufacturer battery packs, which is often the case. 


The 18650 batteries are fitted into Nora box in a 2 cell battery holder, for reliable connectivity and maintainability. Essential electronic protection for li-ion batteries is incorporated in the battery holder. Additional protection is incorporated in the lamp electronics and battery management software.


Additional / spare Nora battery holders are available in Lil' Monkey web shop, see Lamp Accessories 


Well suited to regular caving, the Nora battery box offers the necessary robustness and water tightness to protect li-ion batteries from damage. The Nora box features a bolt down lid to ensure consistent, reliable sealing.


Machined from engineering delrin, the Nora box benefits from a thick wall section with excellent strength to weight ratio.  Weighing just 100g (around 195g with batteries / battery pack) it is a relative joy on the back of your caving helmet, balancing superbly with the front fixing Nora 4 lamp. 


The versatile Nora box can be bolted to caving helmet, and / or fixed with cable ties or shock cord dependant on preference, the box having location channels to neatly accommodate the latter. 


A battery holder for 3xAA batteries is also available for backup / expedition purposes offering good run times, though it should be noted that AA batteries will not provide sufficient power density to deliver full ouput from lamp.

The Nora battery holder can be used as a charging cradle for the 18650 battery, in conjunction with our Nora USB or Nora micro USB li-ion chargers. These chargers can equally be used to charge a 3.7v li-ion Nora battery pack.

For further battery guidance and charging options, see Nora Batteries





Chart shows typical Nora 4 run times using Nora box with 2x18650 batteries, combined capacity 7000mAh. The four factory default light settings are highlighted 1 - 4. Other light level combinations are configurable options using remote programmer.