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Nora Battery Packs

Nora Li-ion Battery Packs

Nora 3-dive battery pack  (Nora 3)

Nora 3-dive li-ion 2p battery pack, 6.8Ah. Professionally constructed battery pack using  highest capacity Panasonic b cells, nominally 3400mAH, see manufacturer info. Note that these are slightly larger diameter cells, and are a close fit in Nora 2 battery box.   


£45  contact us


Nora 2 battery pack  (Nora 3 / Nora 2)

Nora 2 / Nora 3 li-ion battery pack, 5.2Ah. Professionally constructed battery pack using historically proven, robust Sanyo cells. Can be used with Nora 1 battery box for reduced weight versus standard Nora 1 pack. Standard 2p arrangement.


£35  contact us 


Nora 1 battery pack  (Nora 1)

Nora 1 li-ion 3P battery pack, 7.8Ah. Professionally constructed battery pack using high quality, robust Sanyo cells. Does not fit in Nora 3 / Nora 2 battery boxes. 


£55  contact us 


Before purchasing any Little Monkey product please ensure that you have read and accept  Noras terms