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Rude Nora 1





Rude Nora 1

(discontinued 2011)

the original Nora

Setting 1

Low power, spot LED (55 lumen). Approx 50 hours using 7.8aH pack. 


Setting 2 

Mixed low spot (50 lumens) and medium flood (150 lumens), an ideal general caving setting to maximise battery duration. Approx 16 hours using 7.8aH pack. 


Setting 3 

Mixed medium spot (190-200 lumen) and medium flood (150 lumen). A bright, general caving setting if you like plenty of light. Approx 10 hours using 7.8aH pack.


Setting 4 

Medium-high flood (280-300 lumen). Approx 10 hours using 7.8aH pack.


The Nora features a 5 second next push off feature. If you have been using any of these settings for more than 5 seconds the next push of the switch is 'off'. This ensures that you do not waste battery power accessing higher consumption modes when you are conserving battery capacity, and that you can always turn the lamp off effortlessly.  


Settings 5-6 are high output options, accessed by 'push and hold' of the momentary switch. When either of these modes are selected, a single push will return to the last mode, making it easy to toggle between your preferred general caving setting and these high output options. 


Setting 5 

High Spot 425 lumen (distant focused beam). Extremely useful for checking out an aven or looking down a deep pitch. Push and hold switch from any setting 1, 2 or 3 to get high spot. Next push will return to respective last mode (1, 2 or 3). Toggle between setting 1,2 or 3 and high spot setting at will. Approx 6 hours using 7.8aH pack.


Setting 6 

Turbo 850 lumen (maximum output). Push and hold from setting 4, for combined high spot and high flood.  Next push will return to setting 4. Toggle between setting 4 and Turbo setting at will. Approx 3 hours using 7.8aH pack.  


Setting 7 

Reserve setting, 10 lumen (or Ultra low), is accessed by push and hold when the Nora is Off. The battery capacity 'fuel' gauge is also accessed at the same time. Firstly, the lamp will flash 1-5 times to indicate battery capacity and then default to mode 7 (ultra low). Next push is subsequently off. The ultra low setting has all sorts of potential uses and is essential in any high end caving lamp. The Nora offers by far the longest duration of any caving lamp available. Approx 400 hours using 7.8aH pack.


Battery Fuel Gauge 

See setting 7 above. When activated, the battery fuel gauge will measure the remaining capacity of the battery pack being used and flash the lamp 1-5 times to indicate remaining level of capacity. 




Nora 1 operation