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Rude Nora 2


Rude Nora 2

  • Cree XP-L 5500k v5 (neutral-cool) or 3000k v4 (warm)
  • Fully programmable power settings to user specific requirements
  • 800 lumen flood and 800 lumen spot LED outputs (@ 85 degC)
  • LEDs operated separately or together, up to 1250 lumen (@ 85 degC)
  • Simple operation via forward - backward switch
  • Focused spot beam LED, with 'easy switch' spotting feature
  • Optically enhanced wide flood LED – 'plug and play' module based design
  • High quality 5.2ah Li-ion battery pack 

  • Battery charge level & coloured status indicator SMD LEDs

  • Waterproof caving lamp, not for deep diving

  • Robust lightweight construction, 335g total (lamp 120g, box 110g, battery 95g)





Nora 2xs Specification