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(discontinued 2015)

Filthy Edna 1 caving lamp (discontinued)





Filthy Edna


Filty Edna 1 was a prototype lamp manufacture in 2014 / 2015, to trial a number of innovative concepts, including the use of individual 18650 cells. We manufactured a very low volume (a 1 off batch of less than 30 lamps). The Filthy Edna 2  (production version of the Edna 1) was subsequently launched at Hidden Earth 2019.  


  • Cree XM-L2 LED 5000k (main LED) ....... 1000 lumen
  • Indepenent high efficiency 4000k SMD Pilot LED with mini reflector
  • Simple operation designed for caving
  • Custom aluminium push switch (non magnetic)
  • Battery charge level indicator LED
  • Highest quality, light weight machined alloy lamp housing
  • Battery Box running 2 x li-ion 18650 batteries (protected or unprotected)
  • Robust, light weight machined battery box
  • Effective heatsink and thermal management
  • Simple, compact helmet fixing design
  • Robust lightweight construction, lamp 80g, battery box 130g



Edna 1 Specification