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5v input micro USB charger with indicator LEDs. Suitable for all 3.7v Nora li-ion battery packs and battery holders.  Extremely versatile. Can be connected directly to most mains phone chargers, or with micro USB lead to tablet, lap top, or via 12v car USB adapter or mains-USB adapter, etc etc.


Constant current 1 amp charge*, until 4.2v, then current decreases over time at constant voltage (the slower last 5% part of the charge cycle). Starts with a trickle charge if the battery voltage is fairly low, and has protection to guard against charging batteries if voltage has dropped too low. Green & Red charge indication LEDs.


 * Constant current element of charge cycle (1 amp) potentially limited by output rating of the USB power supply used, resulting in increased charging time. For optimum charging use high quality micro USB cable, as short as possible. 






Nora micro USB Li-ion battery charger