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The Nora 1 was manufactured as a limited production run, during 2010-2011. Due to the sucess of the Nora 1, we subsequently developed advanced production volume lamps;  Nora 2 (released Sept 2013) and Nora 3 (released Sept 2018).


We have now developed an upgrade circuit for Nora 1, featuring user programmable settings, whilst retaining the basic functionality of the original user interface. The new board also features a Cree XP-G2 (S2) LED with deep funnel reflector, replacing the original spot LED (a Cree XM-L), in order to provide a more efficient and effective far reaching beam. The original switch, XM-L Flood LED and aluminium fascia are all retained. 

Nora 1 - User Programmable XP-G2 Upgrade Circuit

Operating Mode


When the battery is connected the lamp with automatically switch on at setting 1, in standard operating mode. As per the original circuit, there are 4 power settings that can be looped through in sequence 1-4. Each of these can be programmed to the user desired level (see programming mode). The factory default set-up is;


Setting 1 – Flood 150mA, 60 lumen, 50 hours

Setting 2 – Flood  350mA, 140 lumen, 22 hours

Setting 3 – Flood 350mA & Spot 350mA, 290 lumen, 11 hours

Setting 4 – Flood  1050mA, 380 lumen, 7 hours


.... and OFF


After the lamp has been operating for more than 3 seconds on any of the above setting, the next push of the switch is OFF.


As with the original user interface, you can push and hold the switch (for approximately 1 second) from any of the above settings. This will select a High Spot LED setting. The next push of switch will return directly to the last mode 1-4. Similarly, push and hold the switch from OFF to select the battery fuel gauge (1-5 flashes) and moon mode (Very low light output). 


Push and hold (from settings 1 to 4) - High Spot 1050mA, 400 lumen (7 hours)


Push and hold (from OFF) – Fuel Gauge 1-5 flashes, followed by Moon Mode - Flood 15mA, 6 lumen (500+ hours)


Thermal management is discrete. If temperature should become excessive at higher power settings, the Nora 1 will ‘blink’ and drop to a maximum LED current of 350mA on either LED. Any operation of the switch will cancel this and restore normal operation.


(note - duration figures estimated for Nora 1 Sanyo 7800mah battery pack)


Programming Mode


Each of the above setting 1-4 can be programmed to a user defined level of SPOT and FLOOD. Either LED can be set to run at 0mA (off), 50mA, 150mA, 350mA, 700mA or 1050mA, giving 35 possible power setting blends. Note that both LEDs cannot be set to ‘off’.


To access Programming Mode, hold the switch while connecting the battery. Lamp will blink three times and begin in 'off' setting. You are now able to reprogram the power settings 1-4, or restore factory default settings.

Using switch normally, go to the setting 1-4 that you wish to reprogram. Now push and hold switch (approx. 1 sec) to select this setting to be reprogrammed.


When switch is released, the lamp will loop automatically through the FLOOD LED power levels. At the desired power level, push the switch. The lamp will now loop automatically through the SPOT LED power levels. Again, at the desired power level, push the switch. This setting is now recorded. Lamp will blink three times to acknowledge this and switch 'off'.

You can now repeat this process, choosing another setting 1-4 to reprogram, and so on.


If at any stage you wish to restore the factory power settings, select the 'off' setting and push / hold switch (approx. 1 sec). The LEDs will now blink continuously, until you acknowledge this reset action by pushing the switch; and lamp will return to standard Operating Mode. Note - If you did not intend to restore factory settings then do not push switch, and immediately unplug battery pack (and start again).


Once you are satisfied with your programmed power settings, then disconnect the battery to EXIT programming mode. Once battery has been disconnected push and hold switch for 1 sec. You can then reconnect battery and your new settings will be active.




Fitting of upgrade module requires soldering, some basic tools and the ability to identify battery polarity. If in doubt, we offer a fitting service.


Firstly remove spot LED and original circuit from Nora 1. To do this, remove the front window. De-solder leads connected to flood LED. Remove 2 off button screws holding coloured aluminium fascia, and remove fascia. Remove spot optic and de-solder leads to spot LED. De-solder positive and negative battery cable leads from circuit. De-solder 2 off wires connected to back of Nora switch. Remove circuit and remove spot LED (which is held down with thermal tape). Clean up internal space as necessary.


To fit upgrade circuit, solder 2 off red / black wires to SW switch pads on circuit board (polarity not important), and solder 2 off white high current wires to Flood pads on circuit (long enough to reach flood LED when this is re-fitted later). Remove backing from thermal tape on underside of circuit, and insert circuit into Nora 1 lamp housing, pressing firmly into place. Solder 2 off switch wires to switch contact, and solder 2 off battery cable leads to the large pads on circuit marked as bat +/-, making sure that you get polarity from the battery correct. Now refit the fascia. It is necessary to feed the 2 off white wires (on the circuit) through the holes in the fascia. Solder these to the +ve and –ve pads on the flood LED, making sure that you have the polarity correct. The LED +ve is labelled. The aluminium fascia should be refitted with thermal paste at the 2 points of thermal contact with the lamp body, directly underneath the 2 fixing screws. 


This would be a good time to test lamp, by connecting battery pack. Assuming all is well, refit front window and o-ring (with silicone grease).